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Dental Bridge

Gaps caused by irregular tooth growth or missing teeth can cause a great deal of embarrassment for people. Some people cover the mouth area in shame when laughing to avoid anyone noticing the empty spot. Sound familiar? One remedy for this is a dental bridge. Bridges have a very natural appearance and offer superior functioning when compared with partial dentures.

How do dental bridges work?

  • The teeth next to the gap are used to provide a support for the replacement tooth.
  • The dentist takes moulds of the prepared teeth and sends them to the New Zealand-based dental technician.
  • A bridge framework is produced from either zirconia or metal, and then the frame is layered with porcelain to produce a natural functional replacement for the missing tooth.
  • Once completed the bridge is cemented in place using a strong resin adhesive.

You may be considering bridge work because you don’t want to wear a partial denture or because implants are not an option. In either case, talk to CMDental about your requirements before, during and after the procedure. Please note: bridge work requires two separate appointments.

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